Pre season / Season accommodation in Mayrhofen

Are you looking for (pre) season accommodation in Mayrhofen?
Then we would like to help!

Pre season apartments

All our season apartments are booked from 1 December on. We do offer ‘pre season apartments’ ( 01-09 till 01-12 ). You can book these and come over to Mayrhofen early.
It will definitely help you finding a room and or job easier when you are 'in town before the crowds come’. 

contact us: request form pre season

Extra info

With a Tirol Card, a season liftpass that offers access to many resorts in Tirol and is valid from 01-10 till 15-05 you can already do some shredding on the Hintertux in oktober and november.

Short stay accommodation for seasoners

If you want to come to Mayrhofen when you don’t have a season accommodation yet, then be welcome to stay at the Gasthof in one of our ‘short stay’ accommodations.

Special deal:

If you book up front and mention that you are looking for season accommodation, we can offer you a refund for ‘unused days’, when you find your accommodation for the season.
To make use of this special deal, please state at remarks: "SEASON"

contact us: request form short stay for seasoners

Extra info

Also during the season, we have several festivities, activities and parties geared towards seasoniares.

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